Sunday, November 22, 2009

Major Lazer "Keep It Goin Louder"

Best video ever? Perhaps. Eric Warheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show...Great Job! , one of my favorite shows of all time, directed this gem...and whoa. No words. Check it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


This album deserves more than one measly blog post. I'm more than certain that, without even counting the endless list of international blogs that are already freaking the fuck out over this collaboration, my dear Austin friends have already blown up this project. I know this, because, I jumped on the bandwagon kinda late (and by late, I mean, 1 day, which is the equivalent of a million years in music blogs). They already blew it up on Twitter a day before me, know how that goes...

Yes, I'm talking about Blakroc...frankly, I'm not confident enough to even do justice to it. I gather that it's the product of The Black Keys, who produced the collabs with Mos Def, GZA, RZA, Ludacris, Raekwon, etc...and, yes, ODB, dirt mcgirt. Basically, a laundry list of every living (and posthumerous) rap luminary, with a few glaring exceptions. Astounding, nonetheless. For lack of a better description, the LP is totally yummy. Yes, yummy. I've been listening to it for at least 4 days on repeat.

A little Wiki digging informed me that the biggest hip hop impresario around, Damon Dash, is overseeing the surprise there, because, the package is incredibly sleek, honed and badass, and their website is no exception. No doubt he has a bunch of media gophers like me to accomplish that, but, that's beside the point....Anywhooooo...the album is among my top favorites of the year along with Phoenix, Grizzly Bear, The Xx, Florence + the Machine, Bat for Lashes and Animal Collective...Merriweather AND Fall Be Kind. The videos aren't so bad, either.*

* They're equally amazing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fest Review

Fun Fun Fun was...well, for lack of a better word, a lot of fun. Hailing from Atlanta (specifically, the outer burbs near Athens...Go Dawgs!!! or, more appropriately, my favorite venue in the world, 40 Watt Club), I'm embarrassed to admit that I saw Of Montreal for the first time ever that Sunday night. Expectations met. Don't need to describe, because everyone already knows the drill on their outlandish live shows. So, here's my run down of the fest.

Top 5 FFF Fest Acts (no particular order):
1. Pharcyde
2. Of Montreal
3. Mission of Burma
4. Les Savy Fav
5. Yeasayer

Yeah, nothing that surprising. I've never had less to say about a fest. I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just that I saw so many different acts, that it all blends together, outside from watching all of Of Montreal and Crystal Castles on the last night. I should also note that Crystal Castles was much better live than I expected. You could tell that someone's been whipping Alice into shape and making sure she doesn't self-implode since they've developed a fairly rabid following.

I danced a lot more at the Blue Stage than I anticipated and missed out on many acts that I'd planned on seeing, but had an exceptional, no regrets. I really wish that I'd seen Kid Sister, Brian Posehn, Death, Jesus Lizard, Todd Barry, HEALTH, and a bunch of other stuff, but, living in Austin, I'm sure that won't be my only opportunity. We did, however, catch Danzig playing "Mother" as the encore after Of Montreal, so that was a big win on our part. We felt very very cool.

One major surprise for me, Mission of Burma. Where have they been all my life? Probably busy being a seminal post-punk band that influenced everyone from Nirvana to R.E.M. and I never paid attention. Yeah, sounds about right. Better late than never. Also, I'm really digging their new video, "1,2,3 Partyy!!!" New weekend anthem.

Until next year, Fun Fun Fun. It was real.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grizzly Bear "Ready, Able" Video

What more can anyone say about Grizzly Bear that hasn't already been said? Absolutely nothing. This is their year, we just live in it. With this new video for "Ready, Able", they build on a steady stream of groundbreaking music videos. Artist Allison Schulnik created this eerie, surreal piece that perfectly suits what is possibly my favorite track of the album. Stunning.